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Thursday, September 15th 2016

12:05 AM

Daily Reading


A READING from: "In The Company of The Holy Mother" 

(available at all Vedanta Centres)


Page 326


Swami Ishanananda:


"How nice it was that Shashi (Swami Ramakrishnananda) made me worship at Rameswaram with 108 bel leaves made of gold," Mother related. "When the Raja of Ramnad heard that I had gone there, he ordered his Dewan to show us his palace, treasury, and all that there was to see, and to present me then and there anything I took a fancy to. What could I ask for? Failing to make any choice, I said at last, 'What want have I, my son, Shashi has arranged for all that we may need'.


"And then on the second thought that they might be disappointed, I said, 'Very well, Radhu may take something if she needs'. To Radhu I said, 'Look here, you can take anything if you have a need'. Then we looked at the jewels and diamonds, my heart beat quick, and I prayed earnestly to the Master, 'Kindly see that Radhu covets nothing'.


"As for Radhu, she said, 'There's nothing that I would care to take from there, I don't want any of these. I have lost the pencil I use for writing; purchase a pencil for me'.


"That relieved me of all anxiety. I walked out at ease and purchased from a shop outside a pencil worth two pice."


After these talks, Mother got up to make offerings to the Master, and we also went downstairs.


(to be continued....)



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