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Thursday, April 25th 2019

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

A READING from: "In The Company of The Holy Mother" 

(available at all Vedanta Centres)

Page 129

Swami Arupananda:

11 December, 1912:

We used to read from the KAshi-Khanda at the Mother's house. In the evening, when the reading was over, we talked of various things. ...Mother said, "...No one can follow the dictates of the shAstras (scriptures) to the letter! The Master said, 'Formal relgiosity is no religion.' When I was living at Karmarpukur after returning home from Vrindaban (after the Master's passing away), people began to comment about this and that, and I was so afraid of what people would say that I took off my bangles. I used to wonder how I could possibly stay in a place where there was no GangA; I wanted to bathe in the GangA; I had always had this weakness. One day I saw the Master walking along the road in front of me, from the direction of Bhutir KhAl. Behind him followed Naren, Baburam, Rakhal, and other disciples, crowds of them. A fountain of water gushed forth from near his feet and the waves flowed on ahead of him in a strong current! 

"I said to myself, 'Now I see that he is everything and the GangA rises from his lotus feet. Quickly I broke off handfulls of hibiscus blossoms from the plant beside Raghubir's house and offered them into the GangA. Then the Master said to me, 'Do not take off your bangles. Do you know the Vaishnava Tantra (Scriptures)?' I answered, 'What is the Vaishnava Tantra? I do not know anything.' He said, 'Gaurmani will arrive this evening; she will explain everything.' Gaurdasi really did come in that very afternoon and explained it all to me. From her I heard that one's husband is really pure consciousness."

(to be continued....)


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