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Wednesday, November 13th 2019

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

A READING from: "In The Company of The Holy Mother" 
(available at all Vedanta Centres)

Page 332

Swami Ishanananda:

Finding Kedar Babu a little inattentive, Mother said, "O Kedar, are you following me? She is yoga-mAyA." Kedar Babu said, "No, Mother, I did not quite follow. Please tell me over again."

Mother repeated, "When after the passing away of the Master, nothing in this world had any attraction for me, the mind felt vacant and I prayed, 'What need have I to continue in this world?' 

"Then I saw suddenly a girl of about ten years of age moving about in front of me dressed in red clothes. The Master pointed to her and said, 'Stay on with this as your prop. Numberless boys will come to you hereafter.'

"Next moment he disappeared, and I didn't see the girl either any more. Long after, I was sitting here just at this place. My youngest sister-in-law was then stark mad. She was going that side with a bundle of rags under her arm and Radhu was crawling on all fours behind her. The sight sent a dart through my heart; I ran to take up Radhu in my arms. Methought, who will indeed look after her if it isn't I? She has no father, and the mother is that mad one there. 

"Just as I lifted up the child with these thoughts, I saw the Master in front. He said, 'This is that girl. Lean on her for your stay in the world. She is yoga-mAyA.'

"Now, my son, what do I understand of all this? She was quite nice in her early life. Now she has many ailments, and she has been married too. I am afraid now, lest this daughter of a mad woman should herself turn mad. Have I after all brought up a lunatic?"

(to be continued....)


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