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Thursday, July 4th 2019

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

A READING from: "In The Company of The Holy Mother" 
(available at all Vedanta Centres)

Page 199

Sarayubala Devi:

October, 1912: 

Mother turned on her side and I too was dozing off, when I suddenly woke and found the Mother fanning us. She left the bed a little later, and I saw that a number of ladies were waiting in an adjoining room. Among them were two who wore the mendicant's safron. With them they had a little boy....

One of them said to Mother, "I would like to ask you something."

"Say it," Mother replied.

"Is there any truth in the worship of images? My guru says, 'There's nothing in the worship of images, worship the sun and fire'."

Mother replied, "Since your own guru has said this, you should not ask me; you should have faith in what he says."

She answered, "No, you shouldn't avoid this question, you must tell me your opinion."

Mother was unwilling but on being pressed, she finally said, "If your guru had been omniscient - now see what you have forced me to say - he would never have said such a thing. People have worshipped images from time immemorial and attained liberation; do you mean to say, that does not mean anything?

"Our Master had no such narrow dogmatic views. God is everywhere. But this you must believe, holy men are born to guide others and each one talks in a different way. There are many ways, and so what each one says is true. Take, for instance, the different kinds of birds - white, black, red - sitting on the same tree and singing differently. Though the sounds fall on the ear in varying tones, we call them by the common term chirping; we never say that one of the sounds alone is the chirping and the others are not."

(to be continued....)


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