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Tuesday, April 23rd 2019

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

A READING from: "In The Company of The Holy Mother" 
(available at all Vedanta Centres)

Page 127

Swami Arupananda:

Varanasi, Wednesday, 5 November, 1912:

Once Mother saw two holy men at Varanasi, one a follower of Guru NAnak and the other Chameli Puri....Golap-Ma asked the latter, "Who gives you food?" And the old man replied with vigour and a deep faith, "Who else but Mother DurgA?"

This reply pleased Mother. After we had returned home, she said to us in the evening, "I keep remembering the old man's face. He is like a child." Next day she sent him oranges, sweets and a blanket. Later when I suggested visiting other holy men, Mother exclaimed, "What other holy men? We have already seen a holy man, where will you find such another?"

Varanasi, Kiron Babu's House, Morning:

I said, "During the day all sorts of people touch the image of VishwanAtha; that is why there is a consecration ceremony after sunset before the Arati (vespers) and the offerings."

"The priests permit them to touch the image for the sake of money," Mother said. "They could as well see the image from a distance, otherwise their evil affects the image, for all kinds of people of bad character come and touch it."...

Mother referred to her own painful experiences when touched by sinners. I said, "The reason why one has to take permission before one can come here to you is to reduce the crowd."...

Mother said, "Yes, who ever cares to take permission at every turn?"

(to be continued....)


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