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Monday, December 30th 2019

3:09 AM

Daily Reading

A READING from: "In The Company of The Holy Mother" 

(available at all Vedanta Centres)

Page 377

Swami Ishanananda:

At about twelve o'clock at noon we reached the house of Sureshwar Babu at Vishnupur. He had died a few months ago. Referring to him Mother said, "Alas, whenever I came here, my Suresh used to keep standing there all along with folded hands. He would not even step on to the veranda. How great was his devotion!"

Spending the whole day there, we started the next day for Calcutta after midday meal. We travelled third class and reached the 'Udbodhan' at ten at night. Taken aback at the condition of Mother's body, Jogin-Ma and Golap-Ma cried, "What a Mother you have brought! She is dark like a ghost. You have brought here only a bundle of bones and skin!  We could never guess that Mother's health was so bad." 

From the next day Sharat Maharaj made all the necessary arrangements for Mother's treatment. When Mother had recovered a little under the treatment of Kaviraj Shyamadas Vachaspati, some women devotees came to see her one evening. *One of them had a showiness about her with her dress and ornaments, and she was a little restless. Addressing them Mother said, "Mark you. my dear, modesty is the greatest ornament of a woman. A flower best serves its purpose when it is offered to a deity; else it may as well wither away on the plant.

"But it pains me greatly when the dandies take up flowers either in a bunch or singly, smell them with their nose a little, and say, 'How sweet the smell!' And, O dear, the next moment they may throw these down on the floor, or walk away crushing them under the shoes."

*(Later on we heard that the woman's husband had deserted her and was untraceable.)

(to be continued....)


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