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Sunday, September 23rd 2018

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

A READING from: "In The Company of The Holy Mother" 

(available at all Vedanta Centres)

Page 300

Pravrajika Bharatiprana:

Udbodhan, Calcutta: It is the JaggadhAtri pujA day. Devotees have been arriving since morning. They are celebrating the pujA at Jogin-Ma's house also. She came in the morning and left immediately after inviting Mother.

A disciple came and bowed to her saying, "Mother, your humble son will be gratified if you graciously visit his home."

Mother answered, "Very well, I shall try to go in the evening. Please come then, I shall go if possible."

We went to Jogin-Ma's place with Mother at noon and paid our respects to the goddess. Mother had taken no food all day because of the pujA at her own (village) home. When everything was over at about four in the afternoon, Mother partook of the consecrated food and rested for a while.

The disciple then came to fetch her. Mother said, "He was so eager that I should go, I must pay them a visit." The house was not far off. As soon as Mother stepped down from the carriage, they washed her feet and preserved the water...It was a small broken-down house. We bowed to the image and went inside. An old lady began to talk to her, "Mother, please bless my son. He is so eager to celebrate this pujA, but he has no proper house or anything. He has managed somehow all by himself."

"He has done it all very nicely indeed." Mother answered. "Now that the Mother of the World has come to your home, you son will have his house and everything else. Your son is a good man and very devout."...

After we had returned, Nalini began to complain, "What a house, Mother; there was hardly any room to sit. However did they manage to celebrate the pujA in such a house!"

"What more could they do?" Mother corrected her. "They are poor, but they have brought the Mother to their house. He is a brahmin and devout. The Mother of the World in her mercy has set foot in his home."....

(to be continued....)

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