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Tuesday, September 11th 2018

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

A READING from: "In The Company of The Holy Mother" 

(available at all Vedanta Centres)

Page 288

Pravrajika Bharatiprana:

One Saturday, Sister Sudhira took a few of us to see Mother, on our way back from Dakshineswar. Mother was resting upstairs...Sudhira bagan to talk about Dakshineswar. "Did you see the music tower?" Mother asked. "I lived in that room downstairs. I used to cook underneath the staircase."

"Yes, Mother, we did," Sister Sudhira replied. "Even now the front is enclosed in matting and there is a fire-place. The fishwives' baskets are still there on the veranda. I was telling the girls how you lived there. Tell me, Mother, how could you do it? Wasn't it uncomfortable?"

"No, it was not uncomfortable, except for the bathing and sanitary arrangements," Mother said. "The fishwives were my companions. They used to leave their baskets there when they went to bathe in the river and pick them up on their way home. They would have long conversations with me. At night I heard the fishermen singing and fishing.

"So many disciples would come to the Master and there would be such singing! I would listen to it and wish I was one of his disciples so that I could live near him and listen to his words. Jogen (Jogin-Ma) and Golap (Golap-Ma) know all about it. They would come to see me and sometimes thay stayed with me."

Mother then looked at Jogin-Ma and said, "How happy those days were, isn't that so, Jogen?" and she grew somewhat absent-minded.

"Such happiness cannot be put into words," Jogin-Ma confirmed. "Even to think of it today moves my heart!"

(to be continued....)


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