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Wednesday, August 22nd 2018

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

A READING from: "In The Company of The Holy Mother" 

(available at all Vedanta Centres)

Page 267

Sarayubala Devi:

19 September, 1918:

Mother: "My father-in-law was a strict brahmin of strong character. He never accepted anything from anybody. It was forbidden to accept any gifts brought to the house. But if anyone brought anything secretly, my mother-in-law somethimes cooked it, offered it to the household deity (Raghuvira) and distributed it among the family. But if the husband came to hear of it, he was furious. He had fervent faith in God and was devoted to the goddess ShitalA who was ever by his side. He used to get up at dawn and gather flowers.

"One day he had gone to the Lahas' garden when a little girl of about nine came to him saying, 'Come this way, father, these branches are loaded wth flowers! Let me hold them down while you pick the flowers.' He replied, 'Who are you, my child, out here so early?' 'Why it is I, from the Haldar's house.'

"Because he was like that, God Himself was born into his house; He came and all his companions followed him - Naren, Rakhal, Balaram, Bhavanath, Manomohan - how many shall I count!"

(to be continued....)


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