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Thursday, August 1st 2019

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

A READING from: "In The Company of The Holy Mother" 

(available at all Vedanta Centres)

Page 227

Sarayubala Devi:

22 July, 1918:

Maku was complaining, "How is it that I can never remain peacefully in one place?"

"What do you mean by peacefully?" Mother asked. "Wherever you are there should be peace. Do you imagine that you will be at peace if you go to your husband? How can that be? He doesn't earn much, how will you manage? Here you live as in your own father's house. Do not people live in their own father's houses? See, this person here is living away from home. Can't you give up anything? Look at her, how calm she looks. She is here, only because I am here. Can't you do the same?"

"Let that be, Mother," I protested. "Tell me some more about the Master."

"What the books say is not always correct," Mother answered, "Ram's (Ram Chandra Datta's) book does not give a correct version of how the Master worshipped me when he performed the Shodasi pujA." She described the incident and said, "It was not at home, it was at Dakshineswar, in the Master's room, near the circular veranda, where the huge pitcher of Ganges water now stands. Hriday made all the arrangements."

Just then Jogin-Ma arrived. Standing near the window she was about to say something, when Mother cried, "Come in here, I don't see you at all these days." Laughing Jogin-Ma came near her. As she passed me her foot touched my body. She apologised with folded hands and I quickly rose and made an obeisance to her, saying, "Why Jogin-Ma, why do you bow to someone who is not worth even the dust off your feet, just because your foot has come into contact with her?"

"What do you mean?" Jogin-Ma explained. "The little snake is as much a snake as the big one! You are all devotees!"

I looked at Mother's face and saw that compassionate smile of hers! As it was getting late, I bowed to them and took my leave shortly afterwards.

(to be continued....)


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