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Thursday, February 1st 2018

3:03 AM

Daily Reading

A READING from: "In The Company of The Holy Mother" 

(available at all Vedanta Centres)

Page 66

Swami Arupananda:

I asked Mother, "Is it necessary to keep count on the fingers when doing japa? May I not do it in the mind alone?"

"The Lord has given the fingers," she answered, "make the best use of them by saying His mantra on them."

Udbodhan (Prayer Room), 25 September, 1910: In the morning Mother and I were talking. "If there is a God," I said, "why is there so much misery in this world? Does He not see? Or hasn't He the power to remove these evils?"

"The creation itself is full of griefs," said Mother. "How can one understand joy if there be no sorrow? And how can everyone be happy at the same time? There is a story that once SitA said to RAma, 'Why do you not remove everybody's miseries? Make everyone in your kingdom - all your subjects - happy. You can do it if you like.' RAma answered, 'Can everyone be happy at the sane time?' 'Well, they can, if you so desire. Why not satisfy all their needs from the royal treasury?' 

'Just as you wish.'

"Then RAma called Lakshmana and said, 'Go and tell everyone in my kingdom that all their needs will be supplied from my treasury.'........

(to be continued....)



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